Driving customers to your stores

Teemo is a market-leading performance-driven drive-to-store marketing platform. Leveraging proven technology and using accurate data to deliver better results
We combine a deep understanding of offline consumer behaviour and algorithmic learning to produce measurable, highly accountable in-store visits.
More than 100 customers in the Retail, QSR, Automotive and Grocery industries have chosen us to meet their number one strategic marketing challenge: get more consumers in stores.

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Performance: pay only for in-store visits

Teemo's performance-based mobile advertising solution provides Marketers the ability to only pay when an in-store visit occurs, operating on a transparent Cost-Per-Visit model. In addition to guaranteed performance, Teemo provides unprecedented insights to offline consumer behaviors.

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Unique analysis and understanding of offline behaviours

Our direct App partnerships provide first party data facilitating a deep understanding of offline consumer behaviour. This combined with algorithmic learning produces measurable, highly accountable in-store visits and consumer insights.

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Transparency, Performance & Insights

At Teemo, we believe that performance & transparency are ciritcal to our clients' success. We provide robust online reporting allowing marketers to track their investment at the store level.

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Cases studies

"Teemo's technology offers the opportunity to explore the affinity of our targets according to their behavior in daily life!
This knowledge completes and enriches our Marketing actions."

Brice Franzoia

Digital Director - Kusmi Tea

"The data accuracy of Teemo is remarkable, it gives countless possibilities of scenarios and allows us to launch personalized campaigns based on the location history of the customer."

Valérie Mwamba

Head of Acquisition - Toys'R'US

"The insights given by Teemo's geolocation data help us learn more about our clients and prospects.

Catherine Gotlieb

Media Manager- Volkswagen

"Thanks to Teemo, we can target Système U's occasional customers as well as the clients of their competitors."

Romain Darrieus

Digital Consultant - MyMedia

Drive more store visits

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