Geoloc by Teemo,

The GDPR & CCPA compliant solution for location data monetization


Geoloc by Teemo

GeolocStation is the best solution for app publishers to monetize their location dataGet better control over your geolocation data by using a single, unique SDK for all your partners.

The Benefits of Geoloc by Teemo

  • The most precise geolocation technology on the market
  • Light SDK, simple integration, and minimal battery impact (<1%)
  • Access to a user interface to manage and share data with your partners
  • Increase revenue and partnerships by using only 1 SDK
  • Access to great insights
  • Full GDPR and privacy compliance and ready for CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act)

GDPR and CCPA Compliant

Teemo has collaborated with the CNIL (French authority for the protection of personal data) to develop EU consent banners specific to geolocation data. This banner possesses all the elements requested by the CNIL for a compliant collection of user consent for EU users:

  • Simple & clear terms
  • Data usage clearly explained
  • Choice of accepting or withdrawing consent.

A Complete UI for Autonomous Management of Data

GeolocStation comes with its very own user interface. This allows you to:

  • Manage the access given to your data
  • Daily statistical reporting
  • Invoice generation
  • Access technical documentation

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