Teemo for Publishers

Teemo partners with apps to passively access location data and deliver relevant advertising to users based on location history.

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The benefits of a Teemo partnership

We can run any ad format via direct integrations with all the major programmatic platforms.
Teemo provides incremental revenue via advertising and/or via a data licensing model. We can offer unique demand from premium advertisers across retail, fashion, automotive, grocery and QSR verticals. We can run any ad format via direct integrations with all major programmatic platforms.

Actionable insights regarding your audience

Teemo provides data enhancement on a publisher's audience to better understand which stores and points-of-interest their users are visiting in the real world

Quick & secure deployment of our SDK

Our SDK is easy to implement, secure and leaves minimal impact on user experience:

  • Transfer of encrypted data via HTTPs
  • Average file transfer weight <10KB
  • Minimal impact on battery life

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We respect user privacy

We've ensured that respect for user privacy and data confidentiality are at the heart of our product design. Geolocation data and advertising identifiers collected are anonymous and do not allow us to identify individual users. Data is stored on secure servers for a maximum of 13 months.

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