Privacy Policy

Respecting individual and data privacy is a major priority for Teemo. This page outlines the rules that apply to our services.

About Teemo

We help sponsors and publishers improve the quality and relevance of ads while adhering to user privacy requirements. To that end, we customize ad content to suggest products and services that may interest you more than those appearing in the ads you are accustomed to seeing. We also help app developers improve user experience.

Opting Out of Ads

If you wish to opt out of all personalized ads from your cellular phone, complete the following instructions:

What does Teemo do?

Teemo runs ad campaigns. To do so, Teemo collects location-based data in order to target the right users.

What kind of data does Teemo collect, and how is it used?

We only collect information related to your geographic location. We do not collect any personal data that could be used to identify you directly (home/email/IP/MAC address, telephone number, etc.). We collect this data in order to show you targeted ads and improve your user experience.

Secure Data and Data Retention

We keep the data we collect for a maximum of thirteen months.

Data security is of the utmost importance at Teemo. We use state-of-the-art security methods to protect our IT systems, including encryption, two-step verification, restricted building access, connection logging and more.


If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact us: