Privacy: a priority for Teemo

Our Priority

Teemo uses data to display, on behalf of its customers, more personalized and relevant digital advertising to consumers. At Teemo, we take data privacy very seriously and believe that it is essential to protect the privacy of consumers and maintain their trust.

Our commitments

At Teemo, we are transparent about the data we use and how the data is processed. Data is used in full compliance with the law and we follow the strict recommendations of the main regulatory organizations. After a thorough technical and legal audit, Teemo has been fully certified in accordance with all the provisions of GDPR by a recognized and independent European privacy organization called ePrivacy GmbH. We ask all mobile users for sufficient consent to collect their data and they can manage their preferences at any time. The data used is protected in accordance with the recommendations of the CNIL (ex: Encryption of transferred data, secure servers, management policy of access rights) and are not retained for more than 13 months.

The data we collect

The processing of the data we collect is not intended to identify consumers. We collect an advertising ID (series of anonymized digits and numbers) corresponding to a smartphone which can be reset or disabled at any time, and geolocation data points associated with this advertising ID. These data allow us to identify visits only in defined stores and brick-and-mortar locations.

More relevant advertising

Many mobile apps are ad-supported. At Teemo, thanks to the data collected, we are able to offer ads that better meet the expectations of consumers. These ads are more personalized and relevant to the interests of these mobile users.

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