Benoit Grouchko discusses location intelligence, VC funding and more with Mike Boland of Street Fight Mag. Heard on the Street is a series by Street Fight Magazine.

Mike Boland talks with Benoit Grouchko about the meaning of location intelligence, the value of store visits, and the company’s journey to getting VC funding.


Location intelligence has become an important but crowded sub-sector of local media and commerce. When it comes to value for retail brands, marketing tactics are all about driving (and measuring) foot traffic. This is where Paris-based location marketing and analytics company Teemo continues to innovate.


The journey from concept to funding to working with global brands has been a learning experience for Teemo and its founders. CEO Benoit Grouchko discusses this journey with Mike Boland of Heard on the Street, a podcast from Streetfight Mag. During the conversation, Benoit explains the value of location intelligence for all companies with a physical footprint. Having location data is just part of the story, though. True location intelligence is about using that data with performance in mind.


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Heard on the Street, Episode 34: ‘Drive-to-Store’ Marketing, with Teemo by Mike Boland