Teemo CEO Benoit Grouchko spoke to Cheddar about privacy, location data, and regulations in the EU and US.

When Paris-based Teemo became the first company busted under the European Union’s Global Data Protection Regulation, it seemed to get the message. Just two months later, the data location company became the first to meet those Euro guidelines on protection users’ personal data. Now, almost a year later, Teemo’s CEO is offering U.S. companies tips on privacy regulation.


The company specializes in location. « Location is what lets us build a bridge between the digital world, on one hand, and the physical world, on the other hand, » said the CEO.

According to the CEO, before the company failed GDPR, it was already operating under a strict framework. That’s why it was such a surprise when French regulators sent Teemo a letter, notifying them that they were not compliant.

So the compliance process began.

« Because of the nature of location data, the authority decided to define a new framework, » said Grouchko. « So immediately we thought, ‘Ok, what is this new framework and how do we make it work?' »

« We worked with a regulator to define the new rules, » said the CEO.

Looking Forward

After two months Teemo was fully compliant in Europe. And that compliance prepared the company for other regulations in other countries. Teemo is ready for new compliance regulation in the US. The Teemo team learned their lesson the hard way in Europe. Europe set out a strict set of privacy guidelines, but the US has similar regulations in the works. Politicans are in the process of drafting and proposing new laws with restrictions similar to those of GDPR. Having prior experience with these types of regulations gives Teemo an advantage. Other companies may be working through upcoming laws for the first time. Teemo has already met and exceeded a strict standard for data privacy.

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