The IAB is updating its privacy guidelines, illustrating a growing trend in the industry for greater transparency and consumer protections.

Marty Swant of Forbes recently reported on the new IAB guidelines. Our CEO Benoit Grouchko has since responded to the announcement.  Benoit discusses user trust and long-term thinking on the subject.

Benoit Grouchko, the CEO of Teemo—the first company to face and ultimately avoid a potential GDPR fine before becoming the first to achieve GDPR compliance—said the second version of TCF is “definitely going in the right direction.” Grouchko, whose company specializes in location and other types of data to help retailers personalize ads, said the legal basis for how publishers and vendors can collect data is now clearer than before.

“If you think long term, we need users’ trust to have sustainability,” he said. “I’m talking on behalf of the whole advertising system here—users need to be aware of what’s going on and comfortable with what’s going on because in the end they are the ones that are seeing the ads and that are at the core of everything.”


The IAB made use of their resources to help draft these new guidelines. Publishers, agencies, and tech companies worked together on the new EU Privacy Guidelines. Therefore, the participating parties could find some common ground. Likewise, Teemo has been implementing many of the themes seen in the new guidelines. From our CEO to our employees, Teemo takes a cautious, respectful approach to data sharing and transparency.  Thus, we intend to build trust with consumers and set the tone for other organizations. The IAB is taking one step towards owning the process. But, companies including Teemo are taking it one step further.

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IAB Europe Is Updating Its EU Privacy Guidelines, But Skeptics Say It’s Not Enough by Marty Swant