CEO Benoit Grouchko has a one-on-one sitdown with DMNews to discuss the impact of GDPR on Teemo and how the company bounced back.

Kim Davis of DMNews took the time to interview Benoit Grouchko about a few key topics. Among them, the pair discussed how Teemo bounced back from regulatory infractions related to GDPR.

It’s business caught the attention of regulators soon after GDPR became law on May 25, 2018. It was « a rough few months, » as co-founder and CEO Benoit Grouchko says in this candid conversation with Kim Davis.

Despite dealing with a huge workload of adjustments, Teemo bounced back after dealing with newly minted GDPR regulations. The regulatory infractions that stemmed from this instance were a blessing in disguise for Teemo. The company has taken the opportunity to set the tone for other ad tech companies regarding privacy and data protection. These days, Teemo is now fully GDPR complaint.


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