New York, November 8th

Teemo, the drive-to-store marketing platform, today announces a new partnership with LiveRamp.

Teemo is a mobile location platform for retailers, restaurants, grocery and automotive brands interested in generating foot traffic and increasing sales to their brick-and-mortar locations via personalized mobile advertising. Marketers only pay for performance (cost-per-visit pricing). Teemo’s visit engine relies on fully deterministic data sets to optimize media investments at the store level producing actual visits – not extrapolated or probabilistic visits. This allows marketers to receive real-time reporting on actual visits, consumer & competitor insights for each individual store.

LiveRamp connects Teemo’s location-powered platform to marketers’ offline, CRM files allowing for online activation of your best customers. With LiveRamp’s help, retailers can now segment and target their top offline audiences in the online world to provide more personalized advertising and improve overall marketing efficiency.  

Teemo’s partnership with LiveRamp also allows retailers to connect their in-store sales data back to Teemo’s store visit data allowing retailers to better understand the value of a visit – at the individual store level. This person-based measurement will help marketers improve performance and ROI of their mobile advertising investments by closing the loop between digital marketing and offline conversion.

“With Teemo’s LiveRamp integration, marketers can easily activate their first party CRM data to more intelligently communicate with existing vs. new customers.  Retailers may also tie CRM and/or store transaction data back to ad exposures and store visits at the individual level. This allows them to maximize ROI and drive better performance with their marketing investment.” said Courtney Stuart, Managing Director US at Teemo.