Online branding

Develop your brand image across the best audience, in a premium environment.
  • Innovative and immersive advertising experiences
  • Hyper-granular audience segments
  • Access to premium inventory

Online performance

Drive traffic and engagement to your website.
  • Impactful creatives leading engagement
  • Real-time optimization via artificial intelligence
  • Performance guaranteed through flexible buying model

Drive-to-store campaigns

Target audience to your points of sale.
  • Targeting based on dynamic catchment areas
  • Geo-contextualized creative formats
  • Performance measured independently by third parties

Teemo cross solution capabilities

Real-time bespoke audience targeting

Target the most relevant audiences based on who they are, where they are and what they are doing in online and offline worlds.

Scalable cross-channel activation

Reach out to your curated audiences across channels and devices and engage them at the right life moments.

Fine-grained insights and measurement

Understand the efficacy of your marketing campaigns through store footfall conversions and optimize your marketing strategies accordingly.

Lives in

an affluent neighborhood

Curated as

premium sports audience

Targeted for

premium sports apparel campaign

Visited website or store

after seeing the campaign across channels