What Is Location-based Data?

Good data makes a difference. But data isn’t everything. More important than good data is how you use that data.

What is location-based data? It’s data that can tell you where people are going, how long they stay there, and how frequently they visit. For retailers and brands with a physical footprint, knowing when people visit their stores helps bridge an attribution gap between digital marketing and real world sales.

We all know that good data can bolster sales. And in the same way, good location data can help boost in-store visits. But data alone does nothing. Data requires insights. And, insights require actions. At the end of the day, it’s data plus performance that makes all the difference. Knowing what to do with the data, from an insider’s perspective is a recipe for exceptional performance.


What about Programmatic Buying?

Lots of companies want to use programmatic buying methods to invest in advertising campaigns. While programmatic spending does present an exciting opportunity for scalable and intelligent ad campaigns, there’s still value in a qualitative plus quantitative approach.

In pursuit of the best performance, advertisers should evaluate all their options. Programmatic will likely be one of these options, but issues can arise. With programmatic spending, advertisers may gain scalability, but they may sacrifice transparency, viewability, creative control. Therefore, using any type of data to buy ads programmatically may not provide the best performance.


True Performance Marketing

Combining manual and automated levers is the best way, right now, to create the best performance with any digital campaign. The value of technology is that it makes things easier, faster, and more efficient. The value of the human brain is that it can think creatively, qualitatively, and laterally. Maybe one day we’ll reach the singularity and none of this will matter. But until then, the best approach it performance marketing is to make use of manual and automated assets.

If you still want to know how a performance approach can outperform data alone, request a demo.