Infographic: The right questions to ask before starting a Drive-to-Store campaign 

Teemo has published an infographic to guide retailers in starting their first Drive-to-Store campaign. The Drive-to-Store expert has listed 8 questions to ponder on, in order to pick the right company to partner up with.

  • What are the benefits and inconvenients of the different collection technologies: WiFi, beacon, SDK, bid request?
  • What methodology should be used to define points of sale?
  • How are store visits defined?
  • How good is the targeting quality? Important factors are: the number of referenced points of sale, the catchment area, the size of the audience, and the respect of users’ privacy.
  • What are the main in-app advertisement formats available?
  • What performance indicators are at your disposal to measure campaign success?
  • How do you calculate visit incrementality?
  • What type of reporting is available?

Check out our infographic

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