The Strange Crossroads of DevOps – Teem Insights with Mikael

Teem Insights is a way for key stakeholders at Teemo to share their feedback and insights with the rest of the world. 

The Shifting Role of DevOps


For Teem Insights, I’m talking to DevOps Lead, Mikael Gibert. Mikael, I’d like to know about your experience so far at Teemo. How long have you been at Teemo and what were you doing before?



I came to Teemo two years ago, around our second round of fundraising which aimed to open up our services to the US market. Before Teemo, I was been working at services company as a software architect and at a cloud technology company as a DevOps Developer.

My background revolves around software, data, and cloud engineering. I find working between business, development, and operations highly interesting. That’s because it helps guide everyone to work in the same direction. Of course, doing so requires a lot of patience.



How has your work in DevOps changed since first starting at Teemo?



Teemo’s vision around DevOps has evolved a lot since I started at Teemo. In the beginning, my and I were siloed from the R&D and product teams. We were operating and securing platforms, taking care of internal support and managing relationships with external providers. We also used to deliver formations to developers to let them be the owner of their production workloads.

Today, we are completely included in the R&D team, focused on business value and continuous improvement. We work with the product team, data analysts, and the operations team to design features, react to incidents, and help them achieve their goals as efficiently as possible.

It has been a long road but I am super proud of what we have achieved!


Working Across Departments

It’s like changing the wheel on a car that is still driving.


What is the most difficult thing about working across multiple departments?



Communication is hard and our road map moves a lot. Besides, there are many (many!) topics to handle and we are constantly helping on one thing or another. Because of that, it becomeshard to keep the focus on continuous improvement and fundamental issues.

Sometimes, we know we need to improve a process or a tool but it is hard to keep focus when we are facing our day to day tasks, which we need to achieve to run the business. It’s like changing the wheel on a car that is still driving.



What trends in location based advertising are you seeing?



User consent has been a big topic last year and it will continue this year. To ensure “privacy by design,” you have to constantly challenge the feature set and ask yourself if it respects the user’s privacy. Standards have been emerging and more and more factors will play into this new market.

Today organizations are focused on publishers but tomorrow, SSPs and ad exchanges will provide insights to DSPs about consent on their inventory. Fraud and brand safety are two fast-evolving topics to follow!



What do you want the rest of the team to know about what you do at Teemo?



I would like them to know that DevOps looks like something strange and technical, at the crossroads of all paths. But, it is essentially a mindset and not just helpful for technical people.

Despite my job title, DevOps is not a person. It is all about enterprise culture, communication, and organization. It is all about considering our value chain.

We have to think about our value chain as if we were a car manufacturing company, and how we have repeatable, reliable, and high-quality solutions. We have to work in small batches to constantly get feedback from our users, and adapt our company and our products in consequence, as a single person.

Mikael Gibert DevOps

Mikael Gibert is a DevOps Lead at Teemo. His background is in mathematics and technology. Connect with him on LinkedIn.