3 Ways to Increase Foot Traffic and Boost Sales for Arts & Crafts Retailers

In the last few years, the Arts & Crafts industry has undergone significant changes. First with the rise of e-commerce, which transformed the whole retail industry, and later on with the digitalization of points of sale and advertising.

2010 was the year of creativity for social networks. That is when Pinterest (March) and Instagram (October) were born. Throughout the years, these apps have grown exponentially, providing new platforms for Arts & Crafts brands to communicate on, and most of all to reach a younger, broader audience around the world.

The Arts & Crafts market in numbers

Nowadays, the Arts & Crafts industry generates approximately $36 billion annually. Crafting supplies are sold in more than 75,000 retailers including specialty craft stores, national crafting chains, mass market discount stores, dollar stores, and art supply stores.

And who are today’s crafters? As Mark Hill, the CEO of the Association for Creative Industries stated, “Today’s crafters are the youngest they’ve ever been”. You guessed it: Millenials (18-35 year-olds) represent the largest percentage of crafters (41%), followed by the 35-44 year-olds (36%) and finally 55+ demo (23%).

What does this mean for the industry?

It is vital that the industry prepare this generational shift in crafting. But for many retailers, this is a struggle, and it’s far from being over. Indeed, the industry has had trouble adapting to these new trends and attracting younger customers. It is therefore crucial that they start adapting their strategy to be more Millenial-focused.

How can brands utilize these new crafting trends in order to drive more sales?

Build a strong omni-channel strategy

At the moment, about 90% of Arts & Crafts’ sales are still made in brick-and-mortar retailers. However, online retailers are rapidly growing, most likely thanks to Millenials, who know exactly what they are looking for, and would rather buy it online. In order to survive, Arts & Crafts retailers need to integrate both online and offline strategies into a 

seamless experience for their customers.

Use mobile geotargeting to increase foot traffic

Targeting and mobile advertising is a key element of retailers’ strategies. With today’s technology, it is very easy to create advertising campaigns based on the many locations visited by an individual. Teemo offers geotargeted mobile advertising that create foot traffic for stores in need of a quality traffic & sales boost.

Request a demo of the platform to discover how mobile advertising can be used to increase foot traffic, and thus sales to brick-and-mortar art and crafts shops.


Implement up-selling and cross-selling campaigns

The data is never wrong! If your brand has developed an App, there is a golden opportunity for you. Indeed, you will be able to access a unique analysis and understanding of offline behaviors of your customers, find out more about this solution.

This data will be extremely valuable when setting up your cross and up-selling strategies. And these opportunities are very important according to AFCI’s numbers. The vast majority of crafters don’t stick to just one craft but by and large participate in multiple crafting hobbies*:

  • Only 16% of the crafters engage in one craft,
  • while 39% participate in 2-4
  • and 45% are involved in 5 or more creative hobbies.

This leaves a mountain of opportunities for Arts & Crafts stores to target and attract an audience that is willing to spend what is needed to cultivate their creativity. With the holidays just around the corner, opting for a Drive-to-Store campaign could make your brand the 1st retailer to visit when doing your Christmas shopping.

Source* : Association for creative industries

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